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After a careful endo-microscopic examination of the patient, special testing is required:

Hearing diagnostics in hearing loss, deafness and tinnitus
Hearing tests consist of a variety of material, incl. pure-tone, speech tests and objective audiometric recordings (incl. otemissions, ABR).

Testing of the vestibular system in case of vertigo
Vertigo is the result of a so-called „sensory conflict", i.e. a disturbance in any of the parts of the vestibular system. Different tests can be applied to differentiate the type of disorder.

Rhinodiagnostics (incl. diagnostics for allergies)
Rhinological diseases can be diagnosed in several ways. Endoscopy, CT scanning and specific test play a role.

Diagnostics of dysphagia
Swallowing disorders (dysphagia) can result from a variety of different problems which have to be differentiated by pH-metric examination (to exclude reflux disease), by videoendoscopy and related techniques.